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Marco Nicosia
On behalf of the Lattice team, I am pleased to welcome v0.3.3 of Lattice!

Lattice v0.3.3 is a follow-on release, firming up Buildpack support and polishing the CLI. If you're using Lattice v0.3.0, you should upgrade Terraform and switch to Lattice v0.3.3. Check out the release notes below!

As always:
  - If you think you've found a bug, please file a GitHub issue.
  - If you have a contribution, we'd be happy to give you feedback via a Pull Request.
  - You can track our prioritized queue of work at: http://bit.ly/lattice-tracker

  Marco Nicosia
  Product Manager
  Pivotal Software, Inc.

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From: Marco Nicosia <[hidden email]>
Date: Tue, Aug 25, 2015 at 5:10 PM
Subject: [lattice] v0.3.3
To: cloudfoundry-incubator/lattice <[hidden email]>


Spring Cleaning!

This is a follow-on to Lattice v0.3.0. Please pardon our dust, we skipped releases v0.3.1 and v0.3.2.

Thank you very much for reporting issues and offering contributions on GitHub. We've turned them around as quickly as possible. Lattice v0.3.3 should be considered the most stable release that includes Buildpacks support.

New Features

  • Breaking change: Terraform users should be required to specify credentials for lattice [#100651666]
    • terraform apply now exits with an error if lattice_username and lattice_password are not configured.
  • Lattice v0.3.3 works on and is tested against Terraform 0.6.3 [#101087224]
  • ltc build-droplet allows resources to be specified [#100701142]
    • new options: --cpu-weight, --memory-mb and --disk-mb
  • ltc create merges Docker ENV directives into app environment variables [#99521864]
  • Track versions of material dependencies for lattice [#98881188]
    • vagrant ssh -c "cat /var/lattice/LATTICE_VERSION" checks the cluster version.
    • The brain and cells store dependency versions in DIEGO_VERSION, CF_VERSION and ROUTING_VERSION under the directory /var/lattice.

Interestings and Bug Fixes

  • GitHub Issues #147 & #181: build-droplet should not access the blobstore via the http_proxy [#99515656]
  • GitHub Issue #161: Unable to Create Droplet from Java Main Application [#100854344]
  • GitHub Issue #170: Cannot build droplet if it contains a symlink [#101080914]
  • GitHub Issue #173: php droplet based on cf buildpack fails to launch due to missing apache user [#101175234]
  • Update rootfs to v1.4.0 [#101281706]
  • Droplets should be aware they are running on the cloud [#101066740]
  • Garden-linux bump optimizations [#99147068]
  • Bugfix: ltc status --rate outputs first line repeatedly on droplets [#100659664]

New Documentation

  • Documentation for Buildpack support [#98824900]

Note: Some components of the Lattice brain need a little bit of time to spin up. You can use ltc test -v to validate that your cluster has been initialized successfully. You may need to give it some time before all of the tests pass.


And we cleared out a tiny horde of fit and finish tasks.

  • ltc create without --run-as-root should not use a privileged container [#100033946]
  • ltc target and ltc test should fail when no droplet store available [#100700136]
  • Lattice should delete uploaded bits.zip files when build-droplet fails [#99939534]
  • ltc build-droplet appears to fail if a droplet of the same name has already been stored [#100762030]
  • ltc remove-droplet doesn't fail if the droplet isn't found [#101135194]
  • ltc logs reports tasks as "Application not found" [#99187016]
  • ltc test -v should not fail when ltc is renamed or not in the PATH or invoked with a relative path [#100053278]
  • Remove logic to print newline at end of each command [#98037256]
  • No-arg ltc target output is formatted incorrectly [#100971858]

... ah! Doesn't that feel nice?

Download Links

ltc CLI

Terraform Files

View it on GitHub.