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Marco Nicosia
On behalf of the Lattice team, I am pleased to welcome v0.2.7 of Lattice!

Lattice v0.2.7 is largely a bugfix release. The instructions on GitHub and the http://bit.ly/lattice-cf lead to some small confusion - it's really important to deploy a Lattice cluster of the same version as the `ltc` binary. We've also updated our version of Diego to address an issue when running processes as root. For the little details, check out the release notes below!

As always:
  - If you think you've found a bug, please file a GitHub issue.
  - If you have a contribution, we'd be happy to give you feedback via a Pull Request.
  - You can track our prioritized queue of work at: http://bit.ly/lattice-tracker

  Marco Nicosia
  Product Manager
  Pivotal Software, Inc.
  c: 650-796-2948

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From: Marco Nicosia <[hidden email]>
Date: Tue, Jul 21, 2015 at 3:29 PM
Subject: [lattice] Lattice v0.2.7
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New Features

  • Upgrade Diego to 0.1360.0 #98750194
  • Fixed documentation: User are now instructed to checkout a tagged revision of the Lattice repo which corresponds to the version of the ltc binary. #98818296

Interestings and Bugfixes

  • Bugfix: --run-as-root now run as root; in v0.2.6 processes ran as user vcap. #98135062
  • Support Terraform v0.6.1 #98493606
  • As advertised, 'ltc upload-bits' has been retired. #98646942


  • Lattice FAQ headings should be anchors. #97235530
  • Add DIEGO_VERSION file to the running cluster and represent it in ltc -v. #98118510

Advanced commands

You'll notice in the help text that ltc now includes a variety of interesting looking commands. These are pre-release features that are included in this release. They are under active testing and development. If you'd like to know more, please check out our Condenser epic. You'll need to click on "ADD/VIEW STORIES" to see all of the stories of the new feature.

Download Links


  • Lattice v0.2.7 works well with boot2docker v1.6.2

ltc CLI

Terraform files

View it on GitHub.

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