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[cf-lattice] Announcing Lattice v0.2.6

Marco Nicosia
On behalf of the Lattice team, I am pleased to welcome v0.2.6 of Lattice!

This is an incremental release as we build toward our Condenser epic. Please see the release notes below.

As always:
    - If you think you've found a bug, please file a github issue
    - If you have a contribution, we'd be happy to give you feedback via a Pull Request
    - You can track our prioritized queue of work at: http://bit.ly/lattice-tracker

PS - I got to spend this week in Chicago, where the team is currently based. We welcomed two new members onto the team, and they're having an immediate impact! Welcome Colin and Stephen!

  Marco Nicosia
  Product Manager
  Pivotal Software, Inc.
  c: 650-796-2948

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Lattice v0.2.6

This is an incremental release as we work toward Condenser feature-completion (see below). While Condenser is not ready yet, we're releasing an incremental version so as not to hold back other features and improvements.


  • cancel-task (in addition to delete-task) #95422348
    Right now, when a task is not already in COMPLETED state, ltc delete-task will first cancel the task before deleting it. Adding cancel-task makes it a two-step process to delete a non-completed task.
  • For Diego tasks, you can now specify that the cflinuxfs2 root filesystem can be made available on Lattice cells. #92186442
    Usage: DOWNLOAD_ROOTFS=1 vagrant up
  • Documentation on how to flush the DNS cache on OS/X #96956038
  • Optimizations to the vagrant setup based on a blog from Stefan Wrobel. #95252160
  • v0.2.6 now uses Terraform 0.5.3 internally. #96048724

Advanced commands

You'll notice in the help text that ltc now includes a variety of interesting looking commands. These are pre-release features that are included in this release. They are under active testing and development. If you'd like to know more, please check out our Condenser epic. You'll need to click on "ADD/VIEW STORIES" to see all of the stories of the new feature.

  • (Internal Use Only) ltc upload-bits #95879220
    This feature will not appear in subsequent releases of ltc.

Download Links

ltc CLI

Terraform Files

View it on GitHub.

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